Vilsack Confirmed as USDA Secretary; Academy Members Take on Roles in Federal Government

02/25/2021 - Tom Vilsack was confirmed February 23 as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. USDA oversees key nutritional programs that communities across America rely on to help put food on the table.

Climate change and racial equity are two of the key nutrition security priorities included in the Biden-Harris administration’s policy priorities. the Academy looks forward to working with Sec. Vilsack on these important issues, which align with our policy priorities.

Three Academy members recently joined the federal government: Caroline Dunn, PhD, RDN, Lead Social Scientist at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration; Sheila Fleischhacker, PhD, JD, RDN, National Science Liaison at USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, working on nutrition, food safety, and food insecurity; and Christopher Vogliano, MS, RD, Technical Advisor of Food Systems with the United States Agency for International Development. These Academy members will play an important role in elevating nutrition and the Academy looks forward to working with them on key food, nutrition, and health policy issues, along with relevant workforce development needs.