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Board of Directors

The Academy’s Board of Directors is a governing body of national leaders in nutrition and dietetics working together to make a difference for all our stakeholders — Academy members, nutrition and dietetics practitioners, students, legislators, consumers and communities around the globe. Successful boards of directors provide:

  • Direction—guiding the mission of the organization, engaging committees to inform strategies and decisions and using the Strategic Plan and policies to steer the organization toward a successful future.
  • Oversight—monitoring the activities, health and behavior of the organization.
  • Resources—ensuring the organization is well-equipped to fulfill its mission through fiscal responsibility, capable staff and esteemed reputation.

As such and with the mission and vision leading the Academy in all facets of governance and policy, our Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction, budget, guidelines and policies of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Specifically, the Board sets and monitors the Strategic Plan of the Academy, oversees fiscal planning, provides leadership for professional initiatives, appoints persons to represent the Academy and establishes policies that guide members and the profession as a whole.

Serving on the Board of Directors of the Academy (or other nonprofit organization) is a significant commitment that entails important responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are imposed by state law; others are the result of years of court decisions which have imposed various fiduciary duties on Directors. Comprised of leaders in nutrition and health with experience in the legal, ethical and responsible stewardship of a national organization, the Academy's Board of Directors has 19 members who govern the organization:

  • President (1-year term)
  • President-Elect, elected by general membership (1 year)
  • Immediate Past-President (1 year)
  • Treasurer (1 year)
  • Treasurer-Elect, elected by general membership (1 year)
  • Immediate Past-Treasurer (1 year)
  • Directors At Large, 3 elected by general membership (3 years)
  • House of Delegates Directors, 3 elected by general membership (3 years)
  • Speaker of the House (1 year)
  • Speaker-Elect of the House, elected by general membership (1 year)
  • Immediate Past-Speaker of the House (1 year)
  • Public Members (2 appointed by the Board of Directors (up to 3 years)
  • Academy Foundation Chair (elected by the Foundation (1 year)
  • Academy Chief Executive Officer, non-voting

Most members of the Board of  Directors begin their Academy leadership journey by volunteering through their dietetic practice groups, member interest groups, local affiliates or on a committee or work group. Academy members are strongly encouraged to participate in the Nominations and Elections process, as well as consider volunteering through a number of opportunities that fit their goals and availability.

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