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Meet Our Spokespeople

The Academy's volunteer media spokespeople — registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) representing the 25 largest media markets as well as specialty nutrition areas — are the news media's best resource for expert commentary, story ideas and background on the full range of food and nutrition topics. Academy spokespeople are skilled at speaking with the media and excel in translating nutrition science into information consumers can easily understand. To contact an Academy spokesperson, call 800/877-1600 ext. 4769 or email the Media Relations team.

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Since its inception in 1982, the Academy's Spokesperson program has been instrumental in bringing the Academy's messages of healthful eating and nutrition to millions of Americans each year via every form of news media — print, broadcast and electronic. The Academy’s volunteer media Spokespeople can answer your questions and provide science-based commentary, story ideas and background. Located in the nation’s largest media markets and with expertise in the most topical nutrition areas, Academy Spokespeople can speak on both general topics and have expertise in specialty areas of nutrition. Academy Spokespeople are devoted to their profession. They are committed to telling the public and media the straight story, and their knowledge and enthusiasm are contagious! To contact an Academy spokesperson, call 800/877-1600 ext. 4769 or email the Media Relations team.

Academy members: Interested in becoming a media spokesperson for the world's largest organization of nutrition and dietetics professionals? Learn more about the qualifications, open markets and specialty areas, and application process.

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