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Dietetics research improves patient care and outcomes by collecting, evaluating and analyzing data from different nutrition interventions to provide a foundation for evidence-based practice.

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About Dietetics Research

From tracking patient outcomes, quality improvement projects and testing new interventions to surveying customer acceptance of menu items and conducting community needs assessments, the purpose of research activities is to improve patient care and the effectiveness of nutritional interventions.
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Current Studies

The Academy maintains a broad research agenda encompassing diverse areas and studies that collectively illustrate the Academy's commitment to advancing evidence-based practice and improving health through nutrition and dietetics research.
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Project Highlights

Learn about previous research endeavors: past projects, study aims, results and dissemination activities. Explore data and insights in peer-reviewed journals, highlighting the role of nutrition and dietetics research in enhancing patient outcomes.
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Tools and Initiatives

The Academy offers many opportunities for participating in research, systematic reviews and evidence-based guideline development, as well as resources for mentoring, publishing and promoting outcomes.
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