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Academy Advocates for Increased Access to Technology that Supports People with Diabetes

Published January 16, 2024

The Academy recognizes the importance of creating opportunities to help people overcome barriers to attaining their full health potential. That is why the Academy and the Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group submitted a letter of support for the establishment of a new Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II code for automated blood sampling test cartridges. This letter is in response to an application request discussed at the Biennial Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System level II public meeting held by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on November 28, 2023.

The establishment of the proposed code serves as a vital step in empowering Medicare beneficiaries to actively engage in their treatment recommendations, addressing their individual health needs, and advancing the Academy’s commitment to health equity and disease treatment and prevention.

While the Academy commends CMS on its coverage of blood glucose meters, codes for both the meter and cartridges are “essential to facilitate accessibility for individuals...who are facing physical limitations and promote effective self-management of diabetes while improving overall health outcomes. This also aligns with inclusive health care practices and addresses specific needs, fostering a patient-centered approach to support those with unique challenges,” as highlighted in the letter.

The Academy strongly supports health equity and the prevention of diet-related chronic diseases and will continue to advocate for enhancing access to technology that improves the well-being of Medicare beneficiaries, especially for beneficiaries whose health needs surpass the current capabilities of existing covered technology. For more information, read the Academy's letter.

Academy members interested in engaging in further payment-related efforts are encouraged to join the monthly Payment and Reimbursement Affinity Group meetings.

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