House of Delegates

The House of Delegates governs the profession and develops policy on major professional issues. To this end, the House identifies environmental trends; deliberates emerging professional issues; approves guiding documents for professional practice; oversees Academy bylaws; and establishes qualification for membership and dues structure.

As a forum of leadership development, the House positions and educates members for leadership opportunities within the Academy. Leadership from the House of Delegates aims to empower the profession by embracing its values, developing a progressive culture, and reflecting on the diversity for the future of the organization. The Academy implements strategic planning and changes through policies, actions and composition to embody the vision and voice of its members.

You have a voice in the Academy.

Delegates are a key connection to the Academy's constituency. The House of Delegates supports and encourages proactive communication and continually seeks member input on issues affecting the profession. The work of the association relies on the contributions of members like you. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of the organization.

The House is presided by Speaker of the House Lauri Wright, PhD, RDN, LD.

  • About HOD Meetings

    Delegates meet in the fall (in conjunction with FNCE) and during the winter (January 25, 2020) in order to conduct business and mega issue dialogues. Member input on these important topics is strongly encouraged.

  • Mega Issues and Updates

    Find HOD strategic issue backgrounders, fact sheets, meeting outcomes, other supporting documents and updates to past strategic issues dating back to 2007.