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Dietitian Licensure Compact

The Academy was selected through a competitive grant process for Department of Defense funding to work with the Council of State Governments' National Center for Interstate Compacts on an interstate licensure compact for the nutrition and dietetics profession.

Providing nutrition care services in multiple states, either in person or through telehealth, requires RDNs to become licensed according to each state's requirements, which can be time-consuming and costly. A potential solution to facilitate cost-effective interstate practice for licensed registered dietitian nutritionists is a licensure compact. The mobility of licensed RDNs — particularly RDNs who serve in the military or are spouses of military personnel — would help alleviate barriers to practice after relocating to a new state. In addition, the compact would improve public safety and promote workforce development by reducing unnecessary licensure burdens.

Academy members and all practitioners were engaged throughout the exploration process, which included several different stages, including the development of the compact's framework, drafting of compact language, stakeholder review and ultimately the introduction of a bill with support from states.

The Academy continues to work with key affiliates to get the Dietitian Licensure Compact legislation introduced in states across the country.

The following states have passed the groundbreaking Dietitian Licensure Compact legislation:

  • Nebraska (April 2024)
  • Alabama (May 2024)
  • Tennessee (May 2024)

Learn more and track filing and passage of compact legislation.

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