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Guidelines and Positions

The Academy develops practice guidelines, position papers and consensus statements to inform members of the latest research on specific topics in the field of nutrition and dietetics and to assist with implementing evidence-based principles into daily practice.

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Systematic Reviews

Used to develop Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines, position papers and consensus statements, this process analyzes studies or papers using explicit methods to identify, select and critically appraise primary research.
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Academy Positions

A position paper is a critical analysis written by health care professionals about current facts, data and research literature on topics that are confusing and require clarification, are controversial or are important from a public policy perspective.
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Consensus Reports

A consensus statement may be produced for topics that are controversial, confusing, important for policy, or require clarification but the strength of the quality of evidence from the systematic review is a limited or weak.
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Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines

Designed to assist the RDN/NDTR team, these series of recommendations are based on systematic reviews of evidence and assessment of the benefits and harms of treatment options to improve patient or client care and outcomes.
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