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Dietetics Resources

Nutrition and dietetics practitioners, students and educators can find a plethora of resources for their work and studies, including scope and standards of practice, nutrition informatics and topics resources.

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Chronic Disease, Sports, Wellness and Behavioral Health

The Academy offers an abundance of resources related to chronic disease prevention and management, weight management, sports nutrition and athletic performance and more.
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Clinical Malnutrition

RDNs have the opportunity and responsibility to be at the forefront of the prevention and treatment of malnutrition. Poor nutritional status — "clinical malnutrition" or "undernutrition" — applies to individuals who are overweight and underweight.
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sustainable food systems

Food Security and Sustainability

How food is grown and produced, what types of foods are consumed and how much food is wasted have major impacts on the sustainability of the world's food system.
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foodservice managers


RDNs and NDTRs play integral roles in food systems, foodservice and management in hospitals, post-acute care facilities, schools, universities, restaurants, correctional facilities, nongovernmental organizations and corporate cafeterias.
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intersection of data and dietetics

Informatics and Technology

Nutrition and dietetics professionals work in an immensely "data rich" world, with efficient ways to collect, display and study data from such tools as food/nutrient analysis tables, electronic health records and mobile apps.
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Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Management

Post-acute and long-term care can include long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, home health agencies, hospice, assisted living facilities, and correctional facilities.
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community food garden

Public Health and Community

The terms "public health," "community health" and "population health" are often used interchangeably with public health being the broadest term with the longest history of use.
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best practices

Quality Management

Quality Management is a continuous and ongoing systematic process with four main components: quality planning; quality assurance; quality control and continual improvement.
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Scope of Practice

Scope of practice in nutrition and dietetics encompasses the range of roles, activities and regulations within which nutrition and dietetics practitioners perform.
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