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Stay up to date on important happenings for nutrition and dietetics practitioners and students.

Latest Updates

Message from the Academy President

A news article written by a reporter who has targeted registered dietitian nutritionists before is expected to appear in the coming days and could be critical of some RDNs and the Academy. Academy President Lauri Wright conducted an interview with the reporters and provided facts and statistics in writing to ensure accuracy.

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IDEA Action Plan Progress Report - June 2023

The Academy’s work in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access focuses on continued and expanded IDEA consideration at every level — cultivating organizational and professional values of equity, respect, civility and anti-discrimination.

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White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

End Hunger and Improve Health

The Academy makes commitment to support White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health goal of ending hunger and increase healthful eating and physical activity by 2030.

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Infant Formula Supply Chain Information

Infant Formula Supply Chain Information

RDNs, NDTRs and other Academy members who work in pediatric nutrition, community and public health and in other settings have been actively engaged in mitigating the impact of the infant formula shortages on nutrition security for clients and patients.

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Academy Responds to False Report

A Letter to Members from Academy President (2022-23) Ellen Shanley: "I wanted you to be aware that the Academy has been responding in the strongest terms to an inaccurate, misleading report about our organization’s relationships with corporations and industry. One of the main authors of the report is financially tied to anti-science groups with vested interests in opposing licensure for RDNs and lobbying against the safe regulation of medical nutrition therapy and nutrition and dietetics services."

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Aetna Increases RDN Reimbursement

Following concerns expressed by the Academy in a May 31 letter, executives from the insurance company Aetna decided to increase reimbursement and made commitment to improve access to nutrition care provided by RDNs.

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Academy Urges Aetna to Rescind Policy

The Academy is sharing concerns to Aetna about its recent revision to its Mid-Level Practitioners and Other Qualified Health Care Professionals Payment Policy rthat educed payment to RDNs to 75% of the recognized charge or negotiated fee for covered service for commercial members.

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Seeking Nominees for 2025-2030 DGAs

The Academy is seeking nominees for the 2025-2030 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which conducts rigorous analysis of research questions and is comprised of highly qualified nutrition scientists with demonstrated expertise.

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A Message from President and CEO

Academy President (2020-21) Linda T. Far and Chief Executive Officer Patricia M. Babjak address the organization's commitment to integrity, social responsibility and diversity as core values.

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