National Honors and Awards

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics honors individuals who have advanced the nutrition and dietetics profession, have exhibited leadership and have shown devotion to serving others in both nutrition and dietetics, as well as allied fields. These honors recognize outstanding food and nutrition practitioners and supporters of the profession.

Submit Nominations Online

Use the following guidelines when submitting a nomination:

  • Prepare the nomination to ensure that the nominee meets all of the appropriate award criteria.
  • Review the list of previous award recipients to identify the attributes and contributions demonstrated to make them award recipients.
  • Taking into account the award criteria, make sure your nomination presents clear and specific responses as to why the nominee is being nominated.
  • Solicit letters of support from individuals who are relatively senior and well known in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and/or profession.
    • Provide individuals offering to write letters of support with the associated award description and criteria to assist them in framing their letters.
    • Ensure that letters of support and/or print materials accurately describe the candidate’s leadership, contributions, impact and achievements for the associated award.
  • When applicable, choose supporting materials that identify the nominee's contributions directly relevant to the award qualifications.

Tips and Resources