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Social Media Toolkits

Three pages from the social media toolkit showing key dates and sample posts

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' quarterly toolkit is a wonderful resource to help you engage readers, viewers, consumers and professionals with the Academy's essential messages! Each quarter, this interactive social media toolkit presents insights and ideas to help you engage readers, viewers, consumers and professionals — including celebratory dates and holidays, commemorative months and awareness campaigns. Learn about and share key Academy initiatives and member benefits, along with timely food, nutrition and health ideas for blog and social media posts or for media interviews. Elevate your social media game with sample posts and impactful messaging.

Whether your engage with consumers and potential clients or fellow nutrition experts and leaders, our content caters to all audiences.

Amplify Your Organization!

Don't have time to create original posts for social media? We've got you covered. The Academy's social media program includes profiles and messaging for both consumers credentialed practitioners. Simply follow us on your preferred social media platform and like, comment, repost and share our posts to maximize efficiency and keep your feed active.

For consumers:

For practitioners:

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo®:

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