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Academy Positions

Based on a systematic review, a position paper is a critical analysis of current facts, data and research literature on a specific issue with high, or at least moderate, quality evidence (Grade I or Grade II).

Position papers are written on topics that are confusing and require clarification, are controversial or are important from a policy perspective. Position papers are written by health care professionals (e.g., RDNs, physicians, nurses) who possess thorough and current knowledge of the topic. At least one position author must be a member of the Academy.

Published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and available on, position papers feature a position statement summarizing findings on the specific issue; position focus describing the objective and subtopics; development process describing methodology specific to the position; conclusions; references and citations; and author information — including reviewers, disclosures and dates of activation.

Academy positions are not permanent. Because new information or evidence may emerge over time, positions are evaluated at the end of their active periods (dated at the end of the paper), and either are extended or expire.

  • A position that is extended will be reposted on and the JAND website with updated dates of activation.
  • An expired position is removed from, but members and subscribers can still access expired positions via JAND for legacy purposes. (Note: These should not be cited as current positions.)
  • If sufficient interest or controversy in an expired position topic remains and resources permit, EAL expert panel members may be recruited for a reexamination of evidence and, depending on the outcome, a new position paper may be developed.

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