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Who We Are

The Academy and its members are committed to improving health and advancing the profession of nutrition and dietetics through research, education and advocacy.

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Academy History

The Academy was founded as the American Dietetic Association in 1917 by a visionary group of women dedicated to helping the government conserve food and improving the public’s health through nutrition during World War I.
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Meet Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction, budget, guidelines and policies of the Academy, setting and monitoring strategic direction, overseeing fiscal planning and providing leadership for professional initiatives.
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Commitment to Transparency

In our commitment to accountability and fiduciary responsibility, we ensure Academy members have access to information for a firm understanding of the Academy's operations and ongoing strategic direction.
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Annual Reports

Our annual reports proudly share Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Foundation activities and accomplishments, as well as present the financial health of both organizations with independently audited financial statements.
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Public Statements

Official statements may include announcements of support or opposition to initiatives or programs; joint statements, comments, or invitations to professional organizations; and responses to the press such as letters to the editor.
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Advertising and Sponsorship

Learn about engagement opportunities available through sponsorship and advertising, exhibits, supporting the Academy Foundation, engaging with Academy members through list rental programs and more.
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Join the Academy

Members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics receive exciting benefits including complimentary continuing professional education opportunities, discounts on events and products in, invitations to exclusive members-only events and more!