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Meet Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a vital role in guiding and overseeing the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. With responsibility for strategic direction, budgeting, guidelines, and policies, the Board sets the organization's course and ensures its financial well-being. They also provide leadership for professional initiatives and appoint representatives for the association. The Board establishes important guidelines and policies for various aspects such as appeals, publications, awards and honors. In addition, the Board of Directors provides general oversight to committees, assessing their performance every three years. They determine whether to continue, modify, or disband committees based on their overall effectiveness and alignment with the Academy's needs. This oversight allows the Board to maintain an efficient committee structure.

Aligned with the Academy's mission of advancing global health and well-being through food and nutrition, and its vision of a world where everyone thrives through the power of food and nutrition, the Board ensures access to the organization's Strategic Plan and policies. These documents serve as guides for Academy members and the profession as a whole, shaping their actions and decisions. Comprising esteemed leaders in nutrition and health on a national level, the Board consists of 19 members and holds the authority to govern the Academy, upholding its values and driving its success.

Join the Academy

Members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics receive exciting benefits including complimentary continuing professional education opportunities, discounts on events and products in, invitations to exclusive members-only events and more!