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Learn about different health insurance programs, payment models, coding requirements, billing practices and more to receive competitive reimbursement for quality nutrition services.

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How RDNs Are Paid for Services

Found in clinical settings throughout the country, RDNs may be paid through private health insurance or government health insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Plan.
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Private Insurance

Private health insurance refers to health insurance from private insurance companies that may be secured through an employee benefits package or purchased directly through a broker or the federal health insurance marketplace
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Medicare is the federal health insurance program provided by the government to people age 65 and older, certain people with disabilities and people with end-stage renal disease.
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Many Medicaid beneficiaries are young families.


Our nation's largest health care plan, Medicaid is a public health insurance program for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.
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Coding and Billing

Medical billers, private insurance and government programs use standardized medical codes for conditions, interventions, and supplies and equipment when submitting claims.
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Medical Nutrition Therapy

MNT delivered by registered dietitian nutritionists is safe, timely and effective nutrition care essential to managing many chronic disease and conditions as well as preventative care.
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Power of Payment Videos

The Power of Payment video series is available for free to members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and provides a comprehensive understanding of healthcare payment and reimbursements for RDN services—regardless of your work setting.
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