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Current Studies

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is actively engaged in diverse research endeavors aimed at improving health outcomes and informing evidence-based practices. Overall, the Academy maintains a broad research agenda encompassing diverse areas such as guideline implementation, specialized nutrition support, infectious diseases and dietary interventions. These studies collectively illustrate the Academy's commitment to advancing evidence-based practice and improving health through nutrition and dietetics research.

Examples include:

  • The Academy is invested in assessing the implementation and impact of evidence-based guidelines in clinical practice. The "Assessing Uptake and Impact of Guidelines for Clinical Practice in Renal Nutrition (AUGmeNt) Study" focuses on evaluating the adherence of renal dietitians to nutrition practice guideline recommendations for patients with chronic kidney disease. This research highlights the Academy's commitment to enhancing patient care through guideline implementation.
  • The Academy also recognizes the importance of nutrition support for specific populations, such as breastfeeding individuals and those with gestational diabetes. The "Breastfeeding Registry Study" aims to investigate the impact of nutrition care on problem resolution and nutrition-related outcomes in lactation support. Similarly, the "Gestational Diabetes Registry" examines the role of evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines in improving outcomes for individuals with gestational diabetes. These studies emphasize the Academy's dedication to promoting optimal nutrition during critical life stages.
  • The Academy acknowledges the significance of nutrition care in managing infectious diseases. The "RESTORE Study" focuses on nutrition care practices for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, with the objective of developing a pragmatic protocol for healthcare professionals. This study reflects the Academy's commitment to addressing emerging health challenges and providing evidence-based guidance.
  • Lastly, the Academy aims to explore the impact of specific dietary interventions on growth, development, and overall health. The "Examining the Influence of Daily Complementary Feeding of Eggs on Infant Development and Growth in Guatemala (Saqmolo')" study evaluates the effects of incorporating eggs into the standard nutrition care for Mayan infants. This research demonstrates the Academy's interest in identifying dietary strategies that can optimize health outcomes, particularly in vulnerable populations.

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