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Food Security and Sustainability

How food is grown and produced, what types of foods are consumed and how much food is wasted have major impacts on the sustainability of the world's food system.


Smiling woman of Asian heritage holding a clipboard and pen while squatting down in front of a dark brown cow.

Animal Welfare: The Five Freedoms

Many animals in the wild have primal instincts such as hunting or foraging for their own food, finding or building their own shelter and bonding with other animals. When animals interact with humans and are no longer in their natural environment, they may lose some of these primal instincts. Therefore, it’s important that humans provide animals with necessary elements such as food, water and shelter for protection.

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A woman with her daughter are harvesting their crops including tomatoes and potatoes, grown at home in a family garden.

Tips for First-Time Gardeners

Gardening is a great way to get some physical activity, fresh air and sunshine. Plus, vegetable gardening can help you save money on grocery bills and reduce your environmental impact. Use these simple steps to get started on a gardening adventure.

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Woman farmer in field on a farm with a tractor inspecting crops.

Know Your Farmer, Know Their Farm

To know your farmer is to appreciate the food they provide — but just as important is to know their farm. The type of farm determines the food produced and is as unique as the people who run it. Learn about different types of farming operations.

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Man Shopping for Produce - 7 Ways to Shop Healthy on a Budget

Shop Healthy on a Budget

The key to smart, budget-friendly grocery shopping is to plan ahead for the week and, with a little know-how and advance planning, you can enjoy nutritious foods while sticking to a tight budget.

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