Academy Provides Input to USDA on Cell-Based Meat

01/28/2022 - The Academy provided guidance and recommendations to the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inform future regulatory requirements for the labeling of meat and poultry products comprised of or containing cultured cells derived from animals. These products developed from cell lines of actual animals are processed in a laboratory or factory settings and have variously been called "lab-grown meat", "cultured meat", "clean meat", "cell-based meat", and more recently, "cultivated meat."

The Academy solicited and obtained broad input from Academy members and our Dietetic Practice Groups and applied the labeling principles the Academy adopted in 2014 to the questions posed in the advanced notice of proposed rulemaking coming to the overarching conclusion that the Academy "strongly supports differentiating the product name of a meat or poultry product comprised of or containing cultured animal cells from the product from slaughtered meat or poultry by informing consumers in some readily understandable manner that the product was made using animal cell culture technology."