Academy Restates Recommendation: All RDNs and NDTRs Should Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine

07/28/2021 - In January, the Academy urged eligible members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to help minimize the spread of the virus. Now, especially with rates of COVID cases – particularly the delta variant – rising in some locations, the Academy reiterates our recommendation that all registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered be vaccinated, both to protect their own health and to assist in the treatment and recovery from the COVID-19 virus for all people.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Academy has supported the expert guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep people and their families safe and healthy. The CDC's current guidance is that "COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing COVID-19 disease, especially severe illness and death. COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19."

This recommendation aligns with information on the Academy's award-winning COVID hubs for consumers and professionals, which encourage everyone to get vaccinated per CDC guidelines.