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News and Updates

ACEND Website Update (January 2023)

In December, the ACEND website was reformatted. We are still working to update and reorganize certain sections of the website, so we continue to appreciate your patience. As a result of reformatting, some of the links to ACEND pages have changed slighted. We encourage all programs to review any links to the ACEND website that are included on your program's website, a handbook or other program materials and update those materials accordingly.

Also, in July 2021, we posted an ACEND Update Article titled "USDE Requirements for Disclosing Licensure Information to Students" that included a link to the Academy's licensure page. This page now requires an Academy member log in to view. Please refer to the public facing CDR website for any licensure information. We have also updated our Guidance Document.

Annual Overview of Accreditation Activities and Communications (January 2023)

With the new year starting, we'd like to remind programs about accreditation activities and ACEND communications that take place every year:

Accreditation Activities

  • Annual Report—annually, due mid-November (moved earlier in 2023)
  • Annual Accreditation Fee—annually, due mid-December
  • Interim Report or Progress Report—as needed, find due dates, if applicable on the ACEND portal
  • Substantive Changes—as needed, see decision calendar for ACEND board decision-making timelines
  • ACEND Policies Changes—keep up-to-date with ACEND announcements in the ACEND UPdate Newsletter


Foundation Scholarships Available for US and International Students (January 2023)

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation will open its scholarship application for the 2023-2024 academic year within its electronic application portal on February 15, 2023, with a deadline of 10 a.m. (Central time) on April 18, 2023. Students at all levels of study are eligible to apply, including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, individuals enrolled in dietetic internships and international students enrolled in qualifying educational programs. Most Foundation scholarships do not require US citizenship or permanent residence.

Students and dietetic interns wishing to plan ahead for their scholarship applications are encouraged to review the Foundation's 2023 Scholarship Application Checklist and FAQ. Prospective applicants may also be interested in viewing a 2021 Foundation lecture titled Foundation Scholarships: Setting Yourself Up for Success. All of these free resources and other helpful information regarding the Foundation's Scholarship program are available.

Questions? Email the Foundation.

Updated: How to Lock Verification Statements to Allow Printing (January 2023)

We have updated the instructions on how to lock a PDF document when digitally signing a Verification Statement so that the document becomes read-only and no further changes are allowed while still allowing printing of the Verification Statement. Previous instructions were on how to change the PDF document permission settings, including restrictions on printing. We strongly encourage program directors to select “Lock document after signing” when issuing Verification Statements rather than changing the document permission settings as students/interns and other program directors may not be able to print the verification statement.

For more information about verification statements, signature authentication and expiration, and how to lock the document, visit the FAQs on Verification statements found on the ACEND website.

Remind Your Students about Graduate Degree Requirement (January 2023)

All students who plan to complete an ACEND-accredited Coordinated Program or Dietetic Internship without a minimum of a graduate degree in 2023 must meet all eligibility requirements (including degree conferral) and be submitted into CDR's Registration Eligibility Processing System (REPS) before 12 p.m. midnight (Central time), December 31, 2023.

ACEND recommends that programs remind students of this requirement, as well as describe to them the risk of not completing the program on time. Reasons for not completing the program on time may include needing additional time for remediation or unexpected leaves of absence due to illness or family emergencies. As many programs plan to graduate one last bachelor's level cohort this year, we hope you take the time to connect with your students and confirm they understand that they will need to complete a master's degree to sit for the RDN exam if they do not complete program requirements by December 31, 2023.

For more information about the graduate degree eligibility requirement, visit CDR's website.

Eligibility of Graduates with an FDE Verification Statement (November 2022)

As of June 1, 2017, Foreign Degree Education (FDE) program graduates with an FDE Verification Statement are eligible to apply to a dietetic internship. FDE programs are education programs, located in a country outside of the US, that provide the required nutrition and dietetics coursework with at least a U.S. equivalent bachelor's degree and at least 700 hours of required supervised practice experiences with a minimum of 500 hours in professional work settings in the country in which the program is located to meet ACEND's core knowledge and competency requirements to become a credentialed practitioner. A verification statement is issued to individuals who successfully complete the program as evidence of eligibility to apply for a US-based supervised practice experience in order to be eligible to take the CDR credentialing examination. Program directors can accept these FDE graduates as they would applicants with a DPD verification statement. Programs may accept supervised practice experiences of FDE graduates using the program's prior learning policy if they choose.

Upcoming Workshops covering the 2022 and FEM Accreditation Standards (November 2022)

The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics will be offering a virtual Accreditation Workshop on February 23rd and 24th, 2023. The workshop is designed to help dietetic education program directors and others learn the latest 2022 and FEM accreditation standards and specific details on how to prepare for self-study reports and site visits. Individuals with a site visit scheduled in 2023-2024, individuals interested in applying to start a new ACEND accredited program, as well as newly appointed program directors, are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please visit the ACEND website under Program Director Workshops for more information and to register for the upcoming virtual workshop in February.

The next in-person ACEND workshop will be prior to FNCE in Denver, CO in October 2023. Registration will open in the summer for the in-person workshop.

DICAS 3.0 is Now Available for Applicants and Programs (October 2022)

We are excited to announce that the upgraded Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service launched on October 4. Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service is a web-based application service used by applicants to apply to multiple programs by completing a single online application.
Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Service simplifies and streamlines the application process for applicants looking to apply to dietetics supervised practice programs as it is now available for use by all ACEND-accredited supervised practice/experiential learning programs- that includes Dietetic Internships, Coordinated Programs, FEM Graduate Programs and ISPPs.

Please reach out if you are an CP, GP or ISPP that is not currently using DICAS and are interested.

Application Deadline Recommendations for CPs, GPs and ISPPs (October 2022)

Supervised practice and experiential learning programs such as Coordinated Programs (CPs), Future Education Model Graduate Programs (GPs) and Individualized Supervised Practice Programs (ISPPs) do not participate in the computer match process done by D&D Digital and therefore do not follow the Dietetic Internship computer matching calendars posted on the ACEND website. Because applicants may be applying to all of these program types in a cycle, a one-page guidance document has been developed for CPs and GPs to reference when determining their application dates within DICAS or their own institutional platform. This guidance document is posted here under Timelines and Calendars.

Update to Preselect Program Change Guidance (October 2022)

ACEND recently updated criteria #4 in the preselect program change guidance. Any institution that sponsors a Dietetic Internship may now grant early admission to applicants from Didactic Programs at other institutions. Because the programs are at separate institutions, this option requires that the Dietetic Internship and Didactic Program(s) establish an affiliation agreement(s) that does not include a provision for financial compensation for the internship positions used to place students in the preselect process. For more information about preselect criteria and guidance for the program change, please view the ACEND Substantive Change Guidelines.

Updated Verification Statements (October 2022)

The 2022 Verification Statements have been updated and reflect the new program types that include Graduate Program (GP), Associate Program (AP), and International Coordinated Program (ICP). The older version of the Verification Statements will still be accepted by CDR. However, moving forward, refer to the updated Verification Statement found in REPS. Please note that the program completion date on the verification statement is the date of degree conferral for those programs providing a degree. Verification Statements that are dated or issued prior to degree conferral (or program completion for non-degree programs) are invalid.
ACEND has unlocked the verification statement for ease of handling and formatting. After electronically signing the verification statement, remember to lock the document before sending it to students/interns. Additionally, please ensure that any digital signature used can be authenticated and do not expire.

For more information about verification statements, signature authentication and expiration and how to lock the document, visit the FAQs on Verification statements found on the ACEND website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ACEND.

Updated: Substantive Change Deadlines to Add a Graduate Degree and Entering Graduates in REPS after January 1, 2024

Undergraduate Coordinated Programs and Dietetic Internships wishing to add a graduate degree are highly encouraged to submit their substantive change request based on the suggested schedule to ensure that they have adequate time to implement curriculum changes and include the change in recruitment materials and admission processes.

To protect students and meet ACEND requirements, all students/interns completing CP/DI program requirements after December 31, 2023 must have a graduate degree. Programs that are unable to meet this deadline will be reviewed by the ACEND Board for potential action and are required to establish mechanisms, such as temporary affiliation with an academic institution, to ensure this requirement is met. ACEND has developed a Compliance with Required Element 1.4 Program Completion Requirements Template to assist with providing the necessary documentation needed for adding a graduate degree.

Entering Graduates in REPS After January 1, 2024

After January 1 ,2024, DI Program Directors cannot enter a graduate from the DI Program into the CDR Registration Eligibility Process System (REPS) until the graduate has met all exam eligibility requirements (graduate degree, didactic, and supervised practice). CDR will not keep track of a graduate in REPS until the graduate has obtained the graduate degree. If a graduate completes a DI, and does not have a graduate degree, the graduate of the program must contact and inform the Program Director when they have completed the graduate degree requirement, and provide documentation of the conferred graduate degree to the Program Director.

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Reminders and Deadlines

D&D Digital Fee Increase

Starting for the spring 2023 match, the D&D Digital one-time fee for applicants will increase to $65 due to increased costs related to server fees and credit card processing fees which are costs that affect the performance of the service provided. This new application fee with D&D Digital fee is a one-time fee no matter how many programs an applicant is ranking. If you list the D&D Digital computer matching fee on your website, it must be updated with these new application fees.

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