Program Director FAQs and Resources

ACEND® receives inquiries from program directors about various topics within the accreditation process. The links below provide information about commonly asked questions as well as resources that can assist program directors. If you need further assistance, please contact ACEND Staff.

  • Resources

    Pass rate tools and tips, orientation handouts and information about the distance education authorization.

  • FAQs: Future Options for Free-Standing Dietetic Internships

    ACEND® hosted and recorded a topic-specific Virtual Town Hall meeting on Tuesday September 24, 2019. Program options for free-standing dietetic internships were discussed regarding the 2024 CDR graduate degree eligibility requirement and the Future Education Model Accreditation Standards.

  • FAQs About Verification Statements

    Did you know that verification statements do not expire; however, individual internships may have different admission requirements related to recency of education for particular courses.

  • FAQs About Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs

    Dietetics education programs voluntarily apply to ACEND® of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for accreditation by submitting applications demonstrating compliance with the Accreditation Standards. ACEND® compiled answers to questions frequently.

  • FAQs About Assessing Prior Learning and Accreditation Standards

    Assessing prior learning is not as simple as looking at a student's work history and assigning college level credit. The challenge lies in taking that work experience, and the learning acquired in a variety of settings, and matching it to the skills and competencies required of qualified RDNs and NDTRs serving the public.

  • FAQs About Program Definitions

    The ACEND® staff at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois responds to inquiries and provides assistance to organizations before, during and after the evaluation process.