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FAQs by ACEND Program Directors - General Questions

Where can I find report templates, substantive change guidelines and program director change forms?

The substantive change guidelines and cover page, program director change form, and teach out plan and admission hold template are located on the ACEND® website on the ACEND Policy and Procedure webpage.

How do I determine who is my assigned manager?

You can find your assigned manager by checking the ACEND Staff page, where the states are listed alphabetically.

*Note: Assignments are subject to change depending on work distribution.

Where do I find my pass rate data?

You can find your pass rate data in the CDR REPS system. Contact the Commission on Dietetic Registration for access. You will receive reports in August and February. The February report has the information you need for measuring the ACEND required pass rate objective.

Who do I contact for questions related to my pass rate?

You may contact your assigned ACEND® program manager for questions related to your pass rate or email ACEND. For questions related to the accuracy of the report, contact the Commission on Dietetic Registration or Pearson VUE directly.

When do I pay the annual fee and when is my annual report due?

The annual report and fee invoice are typically sent via an email blast in September prior to FNCE®. The annual report is due mid-November and the exact due date will be indicated in the annual report. The annual fee is due the second Monday in December.

Where do I email reports, substantive program changes and general questions?

Interim and progress reports and substantive program change requests may be sent to ACEND Reports. General questions or concerns may be sent to ACEND and will be distributed to the appropriate individual.

What is the contact information for D&D Digital and DICAS?

Computer matching/DICAS timelines

Where and when are the program director workshops?

ACEND hosts several program director workshops each year, typically in Chicago and prior to FNCE® in the spring and fall. Information specific to the dates, locations and registration can be found on the ACEND website.

Where can I find the Verification Statement?

The Verification Statements is available in the REPS system provided by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and can be accessed there at any time. If you need any documents that are not available on the ACEND® website, you can request them via email.

Source: ACEND®/ April 2020

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