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Presidents Circle Nutrition Education Award

Award No Longer Bestowed

Since 1983, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Presidents' Circle Nutrition Education Award has recognized the development and dissemination of scientifically sound nutrition information that is unique in concept, creative in presentation, free from specific commercial message or endorsement, and consistent with the mission, vision, values, positions, and policies of the Academy and its Foundation. The award may be given to a company, association, or government agency, national or international in scope, or an individual who has made a major contribution to the nutrition education of the public on a national or international basis.

Past Recipients

2015 Award not given
2014 Award not given
2013 Award not given
2012 USDA's HealthierUS School Challenge
2011 Award not given
2010 Get Moving Get Healthy New Jersey
2009 Award not given
2008 Award not given
2007 MOVE! (Managing Overweight and/or Obesity in Veterans Everywhere) / Salsa, Sabor y Salud (Food, Fun and Fitness) Healthy Lifestyles for Latino Families
2006 Award not given
2005 Award not given
2004 3-A-Day of Dairy for Stronger Bones Program
2003 Bright Futures Nutrition Family / Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Intervention Team Fact Sheets
2002 American Institute of Cancer Research
2001 Award not given
2000 Pyramid Café & Pyramid Explorations/National Dairy Council
1999 Food Pyramid Bingo
1998 Secondary Level Interdisciplinary Curriculum
1997 Team Nutrition USDA
1996 To Your Health! Food and Activities for Older Adults
1995 The New Food Label: There's Something In It For Everybody
1994 5-A-Day Program/LUNCHPOWER
1993 Food Guide Pyramid
1992 Trimming the Fat
1991 Eating Right … The Dietary Guidelines Way Campaign
1990 Department of Health & Human Services
1989 Cable Network News
1988 American Heart Association
1987 Award not given
1986 Food Marketing Institute/American Meat Institute/National Livestock & Meat Board
1985 Award not given
1984 Award not given
1983 National Dairy Council

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