Medallion Award

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Medallion Awards, given each year since 1976, honor Academy members who have shown dedication to the high standards of the nutrition and dietetics profession through active participation, leadership and devotion to serving others in nutrition and dietetics, as well as allied health fields. Several awards are given each year to those members whose dedication to the Academy and service to the profession serve as an example to all. No more than three former BOD members may receive this award in any given year.


  1. A member of the Academy for a minimum of 10 years.
  2. Has contributed to the profession:
    1. exceptional service to the Academy at the national, state, dietetic practice and member interest (DPG/MIG) groups or district/local levels.
    2. exceptional service to other food and nutrition organizations.
    3. outstanding professional leadership abilities at all levels of the profession and the community.
    4. instrumental in moving the profession forward.
  3. Has demonstrated characteristics such as:
    1. dedication to high standards for the profession.
    2. source of inspiration and outstanding role model.
    3. promotion of the registered dietitian nutritionist and food and nutrition.
    4. service to others in allied fields and the community.

Scoring Criteria

  1. Has contributed to the profession: (70 points total)
    1. Academy National elected/appointed positions (15 points)
    2. State/District and/or DPG/MIG elected/appointed positions (15 points)
    3. Non-academy National elected/appointed positions (15 points)
    4. Candidate was instrumental in moving the profession forward, on the cutting edge (15 points)
    5. Broad sphere of influence and effect on dietetics as a whole (10 points)
  2. Has demonstrated personal characteristics such as: (50 points total)
    1. Dedication to high standards of the profession. (10 points)
    2. Source of inspiration and outstanding role model. (10 points)
    3. Promotion of the registered dietitian nutritionist; nutrition and dietetic technician, registered; and food and nutrition. (10 points)
    4. Service to others in allied fields and the community. (10 points)
    5. Unique experiences which are of unusual interest to the profession. (10 points)

Past Recipients