Excellence in Practice Awards

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Excellence in Practice Awards recognize outstanding registered dietitian nutritionists; nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered; and members who have demonstrated innovation, creativity and leadership in a specific area of practice. The awards are given in several practice categories, including: Business and Industry, Clinical Nutrition, Communications, Community and Public Health, Consultant, Education, Entrepreneurial, Executive Leadership, Informatics, Management, and Research, to honor Academy members who have demonstrated exceptional performance, contributed to the advancement of practice, and been effective and inspiring leaders in nutrition-related organizations.


  1. A member of the Academy.
  2. A registered dietitian nutritionist or a nutrition and dietetics technician, registered.
  3. Demonstrated innovation, creativity and leadership in excellence in the specific area of practice for which they are nominated.
  4. Exceptional performance in practice, contributions to the advancement of practice and leadership achievements in nutrition related organizations.
  5. Eligibility is limited to one (1) Excellence in Practice award per year.
  6. Eligible to receive an Excellence in Practice award at different points in one's career contingent that the award is in a different practice area.
  7. Note: Person submitting the nomination must be an active, practicing registered dietitian nutritionist or nutrition and dietetics technician, registered and a member of the Academy.

Scoring Criteria

  1. Exceptional performance in practice. (50 points total)
    1. Functions at a superior level in their area of practice and their performance consistently and substantially exceeds in quality (10 points)
    2. Has developed increased efficiency, productivity and/or effectiveness (individually or collaboratively) in job-related or volunteer-based endeavor (10 points)
    3. Has researched and offered practical results and outcomes and pioneered new techniques and/or methods (10 points)
    4. Teaches, educates and motivates students, professionals and/or the public and has been a mentor to nutrition and dietetics practitioners (10 points)
    5. Demonstrates leadership ability and skill to successfully manage projects, staff and/or programs (10 points)
  2. Contributions to the achievement of practice. (30 points total)
    1. Referred articles that are peer reviewed and appear in Journals or professional publications (first author) and authored manuals, books and/or documents that assist the nutrition and dietetics practitioner, student or the public in the area of nutrition and dietetics (primary author) (10 points)
    2. Presentations given at an advanced level, materials/information are presented in an innovative and creative method (consideration should be given to the audience and/or whether the nominee is the featured speaker and/or invited presenter) (10 points)
    3. Media topics are offered in a user-friendly manner and promote nutrition in a positive way, and have successfully reached a targeted audience (10 points)
  3. Leadership achievements in nutrition-related organizations. (20 points total)
    1. District (local), state and national Academy or affiliate offices held should demonstrate the nominee's dedication to the promotion of excellence in practice OR non-Academy elected or appointed offices held should show the nominee's advancement of nutrition and dietetics practitioners and promotion of nutrition, dietetics and foodservice (10 points)
    2. Honors and awards for professional achievements listed support the nominee's high level of professionalism and contribution to their area of practice (10 points)

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Past Recipients

Clinical Practice
Community Dietetics
Consultation and Business Practice
Dietetics Education
Dietetic Research
Dietetic Technician, Registered
Management Practice