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Excellence in Practice Awards

Excellence in Practice Awards

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Excellence in Practice Awards recognize outstanding registered dietitian nutritionists; nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered; and members who have demonstrated innovation, creativity and leadership in a specific area of practice. The awards are given in several practice categories, including: Business and Industry, Clinical Nutrition, Communications, Community and Public Health, Consultant, Education, Entrepreneurial, Executive Leadership, Informatics, Management, and Research, to honor Academy members who have demonstrated exceptional performance, contributed to the advancement of practice, and been effective and inspiring leaders in nutrition-related organizations.

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  1. A member of the Academy.
  2. A registered dietitian nutritionist or a nutrition and dietetics technician, registered.
  3. Demonstrated innovation, creativity and leadership in excellence in the specific area of practice for which they are nominated.
  4. Exceptional performance in practice, contributions to the advancement of practice and leadership achievements in nutrition related organizations.
  5. Eligibility is limited to one (1) Excellence in Practice award per year.
  6. Eligible to receive an Excellence in Practice award at different points in one's career contingent that the award is in a different practice area.

Note: Person submitting the nomination must be an active, practicing registered dietitian nutritionist or nutrition and dietetics technician, registered and a member of the Academy.

Scoring Criteria

  • Exceptional performance in practice. (50 points total)
    • Functions at a superior level in their area of practice and their performance consistently and substantially exceeds in quality (10 points)
    • Has developed increased efficiency, productivity and/or effectiveness (individually or collaboratively) in job-related or volunteer-based endeavor (10 points)
    • Has researched and offered practical results and outcomes and pioneered new techniques and/or methods (10 points)
    • Teaches, educates and motivates students, professionals and/or the public and has been a mentor to nutrition and dietetics practitioners (10 points)
    • Demonstrates leadership ability and skill to successfully manage projects, staff and/or programs (10 points)
  • Contributions to the achievement of practice. (30 points total)
    • Authored manuals, books and/or documents that assist the nutrition and dietetics practitioner, student or the public in the area of nutrition and dietetics, as well as any peer-reviewed articles that appear in journals or professional publications (10 points)
    • Presentations given at an advanced level, materials/information are presented in an innovative and creative method (consideration should be given to the audience and/or whether the nominee is the featured speaker and/or invited presenter) (10 points)
    • Media topics are offered in a user-friendly manner and promote nutrition in a positive way, and have successfully reached a targeted audience (10 points)
  • Leadership achievements in nutrition-related organizations. (20 points total)
    • District (local), state and national Academy or affiliate offices held should demonstrate the nominee's dedication to the promotion of excellence in practice OR non-Academy elected or appointed offices held should show the nominee's advancement of nutrition and dietetics practitioners and promotion of nutrition, dietetics and foodservice (10 points)
    • Honors and awards for professional achievements listed support the nominee's high level of professionalism and contribution to their area of practice (10 points)

Past Recipients

Business and Industry

2022 Lorna Fuller
2021 Elizabeth Anne Pash

Clinical Nutrition

2022 Valaree Williams
2021 Patricia Becker
2020 Patricia Catsos
2019 Caroline Steele
2018 Elaine Trujillo
2017 Beth N. Ogata
2016 Maureen P. McCarthy
2015 Alyce M. Thomas
2014 Beth E. Taylor
2013 Patricia Queen Samour
2012 Susan J. Carlson
2011 Sandra Robbins
2010 Mary J. Marian
2009 Gail Cresci
2008 Ainsley Malone
2007 Susan R. Roberts
2006 Susan L. Brantley
2005 Pamela J. Charney
2004 Melinda Downie Maryniuk
2003 Paula Charuhas
2002 M. Patricia Fuhrman
2001 Cristine M. Trahms
2000 Marion Winkler
1999 Karmeen Kulkarni
1998 Jeanette Hasse
1997 Elvira Johnson
1996 Laura Matarese
1995 Maureen MacBurney
1994 Eva Shronts
1993 Margaret Powers
1992 Abby Bloch
1991 Mary Sue Brady
1990 Judith Wylie-Rosett
1989 Madelyn Wheeler
1988 Peter Beyer
1987 Marion Franz
1986 Sara Crumley
1985 Karyl Rickard
1984 Harriet H. Cloud
1983 Ann Coulston


2022 Kris M. Mogensen
2021 Christina M. Rollins

Community and Public Health

2022 Reed Mangels
2021 Melissa Pflugh Prescott
2020 Janelle Peralez Gunn
2019 Kay Craven
2018 Samia Hamdan
2017 Award not given
2016 Karen Chapman-Novakofski
2015 Alice J. Lenihan
2014 Mildred McInnis Cody
2013 Nancy M. Copperman
2012 Award not given
2011 Jamie Stang
2010 Gloria Stables
2009 Suzanna M. Nye
2008 Joanne Gallivan
2007 Katrina Holt
2006 Betty L. Lucas
2005 Ann L Albright
2004 Laura McNally
2003 Vickie L. James
2002 Carlene Russell
2001 Faye Ling Wong
2000 Bettye J. Nowlin
1999 Jody Vogelzang
1998 William Evers
1997 Kathleen Cobb
1996 Cynthia Taft Bayerl
1995 Joseph Carlin
1994 Carolyn Leontos
1993 Mary Speer
1992 Marion Taylor Baer
1991 Katherine Musgrave
1990 Audrey McCool
1989 Rebecca Mullis
1988 Mildred Kaufman
1987 Anita Owen


2022 Mary Ann Hodorowicz
2021 Rosalind Vera Benner
2020 Kimberly A. Kirchherr
2019 Award not given
2018 Mary D. Litchford
2017 Linda Roberts
2016 Carol Elliott
2015 Mary M. Austin
2014 James D. White
2013 Joan V.C. Hill
2012 Constance Brown-Riggs
2011 Faye Berger Mitchell
2010 Suzanne W. Dixon
2009 Denice Ferko-Adams
2008 Linda McDonald
2007 Becky Dorner
2006 Barbara Wakeen
2005 Barbara Ann Hughes
2004 Carolyn Breeding
2003 Award not given
2002 Hope S. Warshaw
2001 Kathleen Niedert
2000 Dayle Hayes
1999 Clara Gerwick
1998 Judith Fields
1997 Betty Leif
1996 Donna Israel
1995 Evelyn Tribole
1994 Sandy Gillespie
1993 Mary Ellen Posthauer
1992 Award not given
1991 Del Lloyd
1990 Betty Johnson
1989 Jacqueline Marcus
1988 Jayne Gilbert
1987 Kathy King Helm

Dietetic Technician, Registered

2022 Award not given
2021 Award not given
2020 Award not given
2019 Drisana Clifton
2018 Corinne Estelle Worland
2017 Mark Dobson
2016 Award not given
2015 Award not given
2014 Darrin W. Schmidt
2013 Audrey A. Morgan
2012 Christine Gosch
2011 Grace A. Burney
2010 Josephine D. Klein
2009 Ann Partlow
2008 Award not given
2007 Kathryn M. Petersen
2006 Peggy R. Turner
2005 Award not given
2004 Barbara Christensen
2003 Award not given
2002 Suzanne C. Berdivchi
2001 Eleanor A. Watmough
2000 Ann Murdock
1999 Cindy Heilman
1998 Penny Walter
1997 Judith R. Arena
1996 Robert Wilson
1995 Susan Ayres


2022 Sharon Foley
2021 Jane Ziegler
2020 Rebecca Brody
2019 Jayanthi Kandiah
2018 Award not given
2017 Lorraine J. Weatherspoon
2016 Nancie Herbold
2015 Award not given
2014 Beverly W. Henry
2013 Jean A. Anderson
2012 Award not given
2011 Mary Cluskey
2010 Catherine W. Christie
2009 Bonnie A. Spear
2008 Gail C. Frank
2007 Gail P.A. Kauwell
2006 Mary E. Hise
2005 Ellen R. Shanley
2004 Ana Abad-Sinden
2003 Riva Touger-Decker
2002 Diane M. Anderson
2001 Wanda H. Howell
2000 Olivia Bennett Wood
1999 Ann Hertzler
1998 Deborah Silverman
1997 Deborah Canter
1996 Shirley Ekvall
1995 Julie O'Sullivan Maillet
1994 M. Eileen Matthews
1993 Carol Shanklin
1992 Margarette Leggitt Harden


2022 Carol S. Ireton-Jones

Executive Leadership

2022 Mandy L. Corrigan
2021 Mary Hise


2022 Award not given
2021 Margaret K. Dittloff

Management Practice

2022 Mitchel Kirk Holliday
2021 Kate Willcutts
2020 Terese M. Scollard
2019 Wendy Phillips
2018 Christina M. Rollins
2017 Susan H. Konek
2016 Beverly L. Girard
2015 Veronica McLymont
2014 Award not given
2013 Julie A. Grim
2012 Cynthia Hamilton
2011 Jackie L. Boucher
2010 Patricia M. Oliver
2009 William C. Barkley
2008 Roy Maize, II
2007 Linda Hofmeister
2006 Kristen Schroeder
2005 Constance G. Mueller
2004 Linda Godfrey
2003 Award not given
2002 Cynthia Broadhurst
2001 Suzanne Cryst
2000 Penny McConnell
1999 Judy Ford Stokes
1998 Wolf Rinke
1997 Mary Molt
1996 L. Charnette Norton
1995 Michele Fairchild
1994 Ruby Puckett
1993 James Halling
1992 Elizabeth Bender
1991 Beverly Lowe
1990 Cecilia Follis
1989 Jeanne Delker
1988 Barbara Shinn
1987 Darlene Dougherty
1986 Lois Jackson
1985 Elizabeth Frakes


2022 Sandra L. Gomez-Perez
2021 Mara Z. Vitolins
2020 Heidi J. Silver
2019 Susan E. Steck
2018 Hollie A. Raynor
2017 Catherine M. Champagne
2016 Alice Jo Rainville
2015 Carol Shanklin
2014 Gail A. Cresci
2013 Kendra K. Kattelmann
2012 Wahida Karmally
2011 David Frankenfield
2010 Anne M. Wolf
2009 Charlene Compher
2008 Kelly Tappenden
2007 Carrie Earthman
2006 Judith Wylie-Rosett
2005 Linda Delahanty
2004 Cheryl Rock
2003 Patricia Splett
2002 Carol Lammi-Keefe
2001 Rachel K. Johnson
2000 Mary Story
1999 Janet King
1998 Penny Kris-Etherton
1997 Jean Hankin
1996 Sonja Connor
1995 Michele Gottschlich
1994 Dawn Laine
1993 Ann Coulston
1992 Sachiko St. Jeor

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