Deadlines and Requirements for Academy Honors and Awards

"Intent to Nominate"

Deadline for "Intent to Nominate" is midnight Central Standard Time on January 15, 2022. "Intent to Nominate" by the deadline is not mandatory, but extremely helpful for the Academy. Deadline for the receipt of complete nominations is midnight Central Standard Time on March 1, 2022.


Nominations are submitted entirely online and consist of the steps outlined in the bullets below. The key documents reviewed in the selection process are the cover letter, 3-5 letters of support, and the candidate's CV or resume. Selection is based on the thoroughness with which the key documents illustrate how the candidate meets all of the established qualifications for the honor or award. Refer to the Award-Specific Qualifications and Scoring Criteria.

Online nomination steps:

  1. Intent to Nominate (by January 15)
    • Send an email to that includes your name, the nominee's name and the award.
  2. Online Nomination Form
    • Choose the type of honor or award.
    • Provide the name of the candidate.
    • Complete the candidate's contact information.
    • Confirm the nominator's contact information and Academy member ID number.
    • If applicable, provide the name of the affiliate dietetic organization, DPG, or MIG supporting the nomination. There can be more than one group supporting the candidate.
  3. File Upload
    • Cover Letter
      • Introduce the candidate and identify the nominating group(s) or person(s). 10 pages maximum.
      • Address how he/she meets the honor or award qualifications.
      • Provide a summary for each qualification listed.
      • Make a clear distinction between professional (paid) and volunteer activities.
      • Do not assume that the Honors Committee is familiar with the candidate and his/her background or qualifications for the honor or award.
    • 3 – 5 Letters of Support
      • The letters should address how the candidate meets the qualifications for the honor or award.
      • No current members involved in the selection process for an honor or award including the Board of Directors may provide a letter of support for Academy honors and awards nominations. Academy Staff may not write letters of support for National Honors and Awards nominees.
    • Candidate's Vitae or Resume
      • Include a curriculum vitae or a resume to provide additional information on the candidate. 25 pages maximum.
    • Selected Samples of the Candidate's Work (if applicable)
      • Choose supporting materials that directly identify the candidate's contributions relevant to the award qualifications.
  4. Review and Submit
    • Confirm that all key documents are uploaded.
    • The Honors Committee will consider only those nomination packets submitted by midnight Central Standard Time on March 1, 2022.

How To Submit an Honors Nomination Webinar

Watch a short webinar providing instruction for submitting a nomination for Academy National Honors and Awards.

Notification and Selection

  • Nominators will receive e-mail notification from Academy's Honors and Awards Program confirming receipt of the nomination.
  • Honors and awards recipients and nominators will be notified electronically following the Academy's Board of Directors meeting in May 2022 as to the candidate's status.
  • No member of the Board of Directors may at the time of honors and awards selection and/or presentation be eligible to receive an Academy honor or award. This includes those on the ballot for the following year; if a Board nominee is elected, he/she is not eligible for an award.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 800/877-1600, ext. 4827.