Mentoring or Career Guidance Opportunities

Whether you are a student or seasoned practitioner, a mentoring program may help you discover ways to create, expand or change directions in your career. Here are some resources to get you started.

The Academy is offering a new eMentoring system available to all members. If you're looking for a mentor or mentee, you can search for one using a variety of parameters such as years of experience, practice area, languages spoken and even types of mentoring. Remember, this system was created to help you find the right mentor or mentee among participating Academy members; how you implement the program is up to you.

In addition to the Academy wide eMentoring system, the following list of Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) and Member Interest Group (MIG) Mentoring Programs may be beneficial to members looking to expand or change their career in dietetics. Access to these programs requires DPG membership.

Behavioral Health Nutrition DPG

The BHN DPG does not have a formal mentor program. However, the DPG does have four resource professionals and a student committee. Each resource professional represents one of the DPG's four practice areas — Addiction, Eating Disorders, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health. The resource professionals are available to answer practice-related questions. Contact one of our resource professionals or student chair.

Dietitians in Business and Communications DPG

The DPG has a mentor network of professionals who are available to share their expertise with DBC member students, interns, those changing careers, as well as new dietitians. You can learn more about DBC's "Mentor Me with DBC" mentor program. For more information contact the DBC Office. DBC mentor resources are available to members.

Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine DPG

DIFM's DPG mentorship program provides quarterly webinars and in-person meet-ups across the country to help integrative and functional RDNs address the overwhelm often associated with running a successful nutrition-focused practice and/or entrepreneurial endeavor. Additionally, in alignment with the required RDN competencies, our seasoned DIFM members are able to provide new practitioners insight on implementing nutrition in integrative and functional medicine in a variety of practice settings. The program also offers opportunities to connect with other like-minded practitioners who are able to offer support and guidance around integrative and functional medicine principles. DIFM is also hopeful to offer a mentor/mentee match-up in the future. Please contact Olivia Neely, RDN, IFNCP, our Coaching and Mentoring Chair for more information about what we offer.

Dietitians in Nutrition Support DPG

The DNS DPG has prepared a mentor program for new writers authoring articles for Support Line and a mentor program for professional development. Contact the DNS Writers Mentoring Chair writersmentorprogram@dnsdpg.or for more information on the Writer's Mentoring Program and the DNS Mentorship Coordinator at careermentorprogram@dnsdpg.or for more information on the Career Mentor Program.

Hunger and Environmental Nutrition DPG

The HEN DPG has an Education Committee dedicated to linking members with our leading professionals in the fields of hunger and sustainable food systems. They do this through an active Electronic Mailing List, , a cutting-edge School-to-Farm program, a Public Policy Advocacy program and educational webinars that showcases HEN members in a broad range of careers.

HEN's diverse membership possesses expertise in anti-hunger advocacy and programs, community food security, international nutrition, sustainable food systems, water resources, and local and organic foods, among many other avenues within the field. Our Education Chair is available to help you learn more about HEN and our activities. Contact Farryl Bertmann or visit HEN DPG's website for more information.

Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition MIG

The LAHIDAN MIG Mentorship Program is designed to help students and new dietetics and nutrition professionals grow and develop professional qualities to help them succeed in their dietetic career. Mentoring includes topics such as career guidance, enhancing eligibility into dietetic internship programs, time management, networking, job searching, and sharing experiences. For more information, please contact the LAHIDAN Mentorship Coordinator at

Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG

NE DPG has an active online mentorship program through their website. Please contact Mentor Services Coordinator Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS and Executive Director Lauri Egan, RDN, CPT for more information.

National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition MIG

The NOBIDAN MIG Mentoring Program is designed to help students and new dietetics and nutrition professionals grow and develop professional qualities to help them succeed in their dietetic career. Mentee and Mentor pairs will develop a professional relationship via e-mail, in-person, and/or by telephone conversations. For more information, please contact NOBIDAN Mentorship Chair, June Thompson.

Oncology Nutrition DPG

The purpose of the ON DPG Mentorship Program is to serve as a primary resource for professional experiential training, practitioner networking, mentoring, and information sharing. This is also in accordance with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics'; Strategic Plan, which highlights the importance of Professional Development. For more information contact the Mentorship Coordinator at

Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group

The Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group mentorship program is a member benefit to all PNPG members. All mentors in the program are required to have 3 or more years of experience in their identified area of specialty. The program is offered in the fall and in the spring and lasts 6 months. Those interested in the mentorship program are encouraged to complete an application and state their areas of interest. Following the application process mentees will then be matched with mentors based on preferences. The goal of the mentorship program in PNPG is offer mentees the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills as well as provide networking opportunities. For more information contact the mentorship coordinator, Whitney Rich.

Public Health/Community Nutrition DPG

The DPG has a mentor program that seeks to connect members with the aim to promote growth in specialty practice areas as well as general career and personal growth. All PHCNPG members are eligible to participate in the program. Please contact Gabby Headrick, Membership Committee Chair for more information at

Research DPG

The Research DPG offers an annual mentorship program for its members. Experienced researchers are matched with graduate students and early career researchers based on personal goals and research interests. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to communicate regularly and meet in person at FNCE®. Read more information is available on the Research DPG mentorship program.

Vegetarian Nutrition DPG

The DPG has an e-mentoring program. For more information please contact Anthony Dissen, MA, RD.

Weight Management DPG

The WM DPG provides our members with a vast network of mentors in the weight management field. We also provide a formal mentorship program for members in our bariatric and research subunits. For more information, please contact Mary G. Hutchison Hunt, MPH, RD, LDN.

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