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DICAS Training Page

Get the training you need to succeed.

This DICAS training page is your one-stop resource to get you up to speed on the new DICAS and WebAdMIT. Think of this page as the foundation for your success with DICAS. It is designed to make sure you learn everything about DICAS and WebAdMIT (the application review software).


You will find all of the training content you need to learn about the new DICAS and WebAdMIT. We encourage all programs to reference this training plan as it includes all important webinars, training courses and readings to get you ready to configure your program in DICAS or review your applications in WebAdMIT.

Configuring Your Program in DICAS

This section will provide information about conjuring your program in DICAS in the pre-launch environment. The prelaunch WebAdMIT environment is separate from your live version of WebAdMIT. In this prelaunch environment, you can create and edit programs before they are pushed into the live versions of the application and WebAdMIT and available for applicants to apply to your program.

To start your program configuration in the application, visit the prelaunch portal. If it is your first time visiting the WebAdMIT Prelaunch page, click “First time here? Set up your account.” If you already have a WebAdMIT account, you can login as you normally would.


Using WebAdMIT

Once your application is approved and in the live production side of WebadMIT, your program is visible to applicants to apply to your program. As a reminder, the live version of WebAdMIT is separate than the prelaunch WebAdMIT environment where you created your program.

Once your application is live, login to WebAdMIT Production to work with current applications, setup review processes and export data. Click "First time here? Set up your account". If you are an existing WebAdMIT Production user, the next DICAS cycle has been added to your account. While in the production side, you can:

  • Add your program to your account by clicking on the Account in the top right corner of your dashboard; click edit profile; scroll to the bottom of the page to Program Assignments; and check the checkbox next to the program(s) for which you will be reviewing applicants.
  • You can add reviewer accounts, as well as create various tools to assist in your review process in WebAdMIT.
  • Now that your application will be live, you can only edit your home/branding page, and your application deadline details.


For any questions regarding DICAS, please contact WebAdMIT Support DICAS at 857-304-2020 or ACEND.


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