DICAS Training Page

Get the training you need to succeed.

The DICAS training page is your one-stop resource to get you up to speed on the new DICAS and WebAdMIT. Think of this page as the foundation for your success with DICAS. It is designed to make sure you learn everything you need to know about DICAS and WebAdMIT (the application review software) before the launch in October 2022.

2022 Timeline

  • June 1: Intro to CAS training webinar (see webinar information below)
  • June 7: Configuration Portal opens; programs can begin customization
  • July 13: Configuration Portal training webinar (see webinar information below)
  • September 16: Program configuration suggested deadline; programs configured by this date, will be ready for launch for applicants on October 4th. Note: Programs can complete their configuration after this deadline; however, the program’s application may not be available at the time of launch.
  • October 4: DICAS launches for applicants


You will find all of the training content you need to learn about the new DICAS and WebAdMIT before the launch. We encourage all programs to reference this training plan as it includes all important webinars, training courses and readings to get you ready for the launch.

There are three main resources you will want to use:

  1. WebAdMIT Help Center: A comprehensive site with training videos, how-to guides, and essential information to get you up and running in WebAdMIT
  2. On-demand Courses: Flexible training where you can learn at your own pace and start and stop whenever you want.
  3. Liaison Academy: Complete the form for a personalized portal to register for standard training webinars and interactive, live virtual courses.


Introduction to DICAS

Configuring Your Programs for DICAS

Introduction to DICAS 3.0 for DPD Directors

Applicant Training Video