Candidacy for Accreditation

It is highly recommended that any institution considering development of a new nutrition and dietetics education program for ACEND® accreditation consult with ACEND® staff early in the development process, complete all ACEND® Web-based education courses and attend an ACEND®-sponsored workshop.

The Candidacy for Accreditation Process includes:

  • An Eligibility Application Review
  • A Self-study
  • An On-site Visit

These steps allow ACEND® to verify the proposed program is progressing toward compliance with the Accreditation Standards and demonstrates institutional readiness to implement the proposed program. After the ACEND® Board grants Candidacy for Accreditation status to a proposed program, the program may enroll students. Students on premises and enrolled after Candidacy is granted will be considered graduates of an accredited program upon successful completion of the program. Policies and procedures related to candidacy for accreditation can be found in the ACEND® Policy and Procedure Manual.

Eligibility Applications for Programs Seeking ACEND® Accreditation

Programs seeking eligibility must submit a digital copy of the eligibility application and fee at least 12 months in advance of the planned enrollment of the first class of students.  The application must be submitted electronically as one PDF file to

Moratorium on New Didactic Programs in Dietetics

In June 2009, the ACEND® board instituted a moratorium on new Didactic Programs in Dietetics applying for candidacy for accreditation, unless they have a process to assure that all qualified students will obtain an internship position. ACEND® is still accepting candidacy applications for new Dietetic Internships, Coordinated Programs in Dietetics and Dietetic Technician Programs. For more information contact ACEND® staff at