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Ad Hoc Panel for Appeals

The ACEND Ad-Hoc Panel for Appeals is a decision-making body that is independent from the ACEND board and reviews accreditation decisions to withdraw, suspend, revoke, deny or terminate candidacy or full accreditation from a program. An Ad Hoc Panel is only assembled if a program has received an adverse accreditation action, and it has made a formal request for an appeal of the decision.

Appeals Panel Membership

The core composition of an ACEND decision making body must include at least an academic, an educator, a practitioner and a public member. In addition, at least one academic or educator must have administrative experience as a program director in a nutrition and dietetics program. The appeals panel may not include past members of the ACEND Board that took part in the initial adverse action. The Ad-Hoc Panel for Appeals is selected from the following pool of individuals.

  • The past chair in good standing who most recently stepped down from the ACEND board (the immediate past chair)
  • The past chair in good standing who precedes the immediate past chair
  • A past Program Representative, who is an educator from the same program type as the program making the appeal, who has administrative experience as a program director in nutrition and dietetics
  • A past Program Representative who is a practitioner
  • A past public member

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