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International NCP and NCPT Implementation Survey (INIS) Consortium

Study Overview

The goal of the International NCP and NCPT Implementation Survey (INIS) is to assess implementations of and attitudes about the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) — a framework for systematic problem solving in nutrition care — and NCP Terminology — developed with the goal to increase consistency and clarity in clinical documentation — in 23 countries across the world. The INIS Consortium is coordinated by Dr. Elin Lövestam at Uppsala University in Sweden, and the  Academy’s Data Science Center is the collaborator representing the United States.

All registered dietitians and registered dietitian nutritionists were invited to take part in this study, regardless of whether they use the NCP and NCPT. The survey was web-based and required approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Status Updates

  • Initial distribution of the International NCP and NCPT Implementation Survey concluded in April 2017.
  • A second round of the survey, with updated questions identified from the first round of the survey in addition to new modules that explore use of electronic health records and tracking of outcomes, concluded on July 31, 2023.
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