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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Registry Study

Study Overview

The Gestational Diabetes Registry is a multi-site study that examines the documentation of RDNs who are providing nutrition care to clients with gestational diabetes (GDM). Dietitians will document the nutrition care provided into the Academy’s Health Informatics Infrastructure (ANDHII) before and after training on evidence-based practice guidelines and development of quality improvement initiatives customized for each participating site. While there are evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines for GDM, more work is needed to clarify gaps in guidelines, but also to demonstrate the value of evidence-based nutrition practice implementation for GDM. The project will investigate how guideline implementation can influence outcomes for gestational diabetes and the impact of using a quality improvement framework to implement evidence-based practice guidelines in a clinical setting for gestational diabetes.

The Academy Data Science Center (DSC) is collaborating with investigators from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) to lead this project and it is being funded through the Karen Goldstein Memorial grant provided by the Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group and the Academy's Foundation.

Project Snapshot

  • Dietitians who see on average 10 women with gestational diabetes each month will be participating in this project.
  • Dietitians who participate in this study will enter a set of patient notes into ANDHII for a baseline measure of clinical practices related to GDM.
  • Once complete and with the help of investigators on the project, dietitians will be asked to develop and implement a quality improvement plan. Once a quality improvement plan is established, dietitians will record patient notes in ANDHII again.
  • Dietitians will be asked to respond to a variety of surveys, worksheets and interviews to better understand their experiences with quality improvement, their knowledge, and their confidence in using the nutrition practice guidelines and evidence-based practice.

Status Updates

This project is no longer recruiting participants. Data collection is ongoing. Email for more information please contact .

The plans for this project were highlighted during the FNCE 2021 session "Enhance Your Value and Career with Diabetes Research."

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