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AUGmeNt Study

Graphic of kidneyStudy Overview

The Assessing Uptake and Impact of Guidelines for Clinical Practice in Renal Nutrition (AUGmeNt) Study is a multi-site study that is evaluating dietitian implementation of the evidence based nutrition practice guideline recommendations for patients living with chronic kidney disease. Renal dietitians working in hemodialysis centers all over the country were recruited to participate and document their nutrition care to evaluate the congruence with the guideline recommendations.

This study is being funded by the Academy Foundation through support from the Renal Dietitians dietetic practice group and Relypsa, Inc.

See the AUGmeNt Study Protocol Paper

Abstract: Evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines (EBNPGs) inform registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) care for patients with chronic kidney disease grade 5 treated by dialysis; however, there has been little evaluation of best practices for implementing EBNPGs. In this effectiveness-implementation hybrid study with a quasi-experimental design, United States RDNs in hemodialysis clinics will document initial and follow-up nutrition care for patients with chronic kidney disease grade 5 treated by dialysis using the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Health Informatics Infrastructure before and after being randomly assigned to a training model: (1) EBNPG knowledge training or (2) EBNPG knowledge training plus an implementation toolkit. The aims of the study include examining congruence of RDN documentation of nutrition care with the EBNPG; describing common RDN-reported EBNPG acceptability, adoption, and adaptation issues; and determining the feasibility of estimating the impact of RDN care on nutrition-related patient outcomes. The AUGmeNt study can inform effective development and implementation of future EBNPGs.

Status Updates

  • Recruitment completed in April 2022.
  • Data collection for the AUGmeNt Study concluded in December 2022.
  • The data analysis phase is currently underway.

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