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Annual International Dues: $170.00
Annual International Student Dues: $100.00
Processing Fee: $25.00
The Academy's membership year is June 1 — May 31

Emerging Economy Dues:

Individuals qualifying for International membership residing in countries classified as lower middle income or low income by The World Bank are eligible for an emerging economy dues adjustment. Email for additional information.

Available to any person who:

  • Has completed formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics received outside the United States and US Territories, verified by the country's professional dietetics association and/or national regulatory body.
  • Is a student enrolled in a food, nutrition or dietetics educational program outside the United States which is not a USDE recognized accredited institution and is not accredited by ACEND. This classification carries a six-year limit and is available for international students who state their intent to complete formal training in food, nutrition or dietetics outside the United States and US Territories as verified by their education program.

Note: In accordance with U.S. sanctions laws, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics cannot accept as members persons from the countries embargoed by the United States, including Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and the Crimea region of Ukraine, or who are subject to any U.S. list-based sanctions.

Privileges of International Membership

International members may be members of committees and attend meetings. International members shall be entitled to vote and eligible to hold elected office at the affiliate level.

The Academy is unable to process applications for membership without International Verification documentation. If you are unable to obtain a signature for the International Member Verification Form, email for acceptable alternate document options. The International Verification documentation must be provided within 30 days of application (or a notification must be received from the applicant within 30 days advising when it will be returned). If International Verification documentation is not provided or if you do not qualify for Academy membership, the Academy will cancel the application and refund payment.