Awards and Recognition

Foundation programs and funding opportunities available to Academy members include scholarships, awards, fellowships, research grants, and disaster relief funding, while the Academy offers its National Honors and Awards program its Fellow (FAND) program.

Foundation Opportunities for Academy Members:

  • Scholarships - opportunities for students at all levels of study ($500 - $25,000 in value).
  • Awards - including recognition, continuing education, program development, and international awards ($150 - $30,000 in value).
  • Research Grants - opportunities to obtain funding for research that elevates the profession ($1,000 - $20,000 in value).
  • Disaster Relief Funding - available to Academy members affected by FEMA-declared disasters (applicants may request up to $2,500 in value for personal rebuilding efforts and up to $500 in value for professional and continuing education activities).
  • Fellowship Opportunities - opportunities to help the Foundation address the greatest food and nutrition challenges now and in the future.
  • Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    The Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FAND) recognizes Academy members who have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities, by their service to the dietetics profession and by optimizing the nation’s health through food and nutrition.