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Nutrition Care Process Model

The Nutrition Care Model is a visual representation of the Nutrition Care Process that illustrates the workflow of practitioners in diverse individual and population care delivery settings.

  • The central component, or core, of the model represents the relationship of the individual client or group and the registered dietitian nutritionist. By embracing the various areas in which nutrition and dietetics care is practiced, professional interactions that influence individuals and populations are recognized and incorporated into the model.
  • The quadrants represent the four steps of the Nutrition Care Process (Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition Diagnosis, Nutrition Intervention and Nutrition Monitoring & Evaluation).
  • The middle ring represents the represents the skills and abilities of the RDN, along with applications of evidence-based practice, the Code of Ethics and knowledge of the RDN. These required qualities and attributes differentiate nutrition and dietetics professionals from other professions.
  • The outer ring represents the social context of nutrition care, including the influences on how people received nutrition information and how professionals engage their clients. Examples might include environmental factors—such as healthcare systems, socioeconomics and practice settings—that impact the ability of a client or group to benefit from RDN services.

Two components reside outside the rings of the Nutrition Care Process because they may be executed by collaborators from other professions and disciplines:

  • The Screening and Referral System identifies and refers individuals and populations who have or are at risk for nutrition-related problems, who are appropriate for nutrition care services, and who would benefit from participation in the NCP. It applies appropriate and reliable screening tools and resources to identify and recognize nutritional risk factors.
  • The Outcomes Management System encourages professionals to demonstrate the improved nutritional health of clients by participating in research and quality improvement activities.

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