Get Involved with Your Affiliate

The work of the affiliate state associations relies on the contributions of its members. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of any professional organization and the commitment of members shows through the growth of the affiliate and the public relying on the knowledge and expertise of dietitians as the food and nutrition professionals.

The benefits of volunteering aren't limited to the profession and organization. Members who volunteer benefit as well — providing opportunities to give back to the community and serve in functions outside of daily roles.

Board or Directors

The majority of affiliates have a Board of Directors between 8-12 leaders. Positions vary from affiliate to affiliate, but the majority of affiliates at a minimum include:

  • Past-President
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Nominating Committee Chair
  • Delegate

Committee Chairs

Committees are necessary for affiliates' success as they allow the Board of Directors to focus on strategic planning and fiscal oversight while committee members complete the day-to-day tasks. Committees vary depending on size of the affiliate and current strategic plan. Committees may include:

  • Newsletter Publication (Chair: Newsletter Editor)
  • Public Policy (Co-Chair: Public Policy Chair and State Policy Representative)
  • MNT (Chair: Reimbursement Representative)
  • Public Relations (Co-Chairs: Sate Media Chair and PR Chair)
  • Fundraising (Chair: Sate Fundraising Chair)
  • Membership (Co-Chairs: Membership Chair, New Member Liaisons, State Professional Recruitment Coordinator)
  • Awards and Honors (Chair: Awards Chair)
  • Historical (Chair: Bylaws Chair)
  • Finance Committee (Chair: Affiliate Treasurer)
  • Website (Chair: Webmaster)
  • Nominations (Chair: Nominating Committee Chair)

Smaller affiliates often combine related positions due to the reduced volunteer pool.

  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • State Media Chair/PR Chair
  • Membership Chair/New Member Liaison
  • Past President/Awards Chair/Bylaws Chair

Apply to Volunteer

Positions descriptions, role responsibilities, and term limits are defined by each affiliate association. For more information or to express an interest in volunteering at the affiliate or district level, contact your affiliate for more information.