Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a state affiliate association?

Academy members may select one state affiliate association by indicating their preferred state association when joining or renewing membership. If no selection is made, the applicant will be assigned an affiliate based upon the state association that corresponds to their primary address of record. Applicants with foreign or APO/FPO addresses who do not select an affiliate will be assigned to the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Is there a cost to belong to an Academy affiliate association?

Membership to an affiliate is included in your annual Academy membership dues. This includes membership to one state affiliate. Additional fees may be required to participate in affiliate events or join an affiliate district association.

Can I belong to two Academy affiliate associations?

The Academy can only associate Academy members with one state affiliate. Affiliates may offer a "supporter" program that allows a member to join a second affiliate. Check with the state affiliate to see if a "supporter" program is available.

How do I change my affiliation from one state to another?

If you have recently moved to a different state or need to adjust your affiliation, the Academy's membership team can switch your state affiliation. This change can be made at any point during the membership year, and can only be made by an Academy staff member. Contact the membership team at or 312/899-0040 (ext. 5000).

I'm not able to log into my state affiliate's website. Who should I contact?

First, make sure that your Academy membership is active and that you are associated with the correct affiliate. Membership dues can be renewed on If you need to change your state affiliation, contact the membership team at or 312/899-0040 (ext. 5000).

If your information is accurate with the Academy, contact the state affiliate for assistance. Contact information is available here.

How do I join an affiliate district?

Affiliates may choose to create districts in their state based on geographic location. Active Academy and affiliate members may choose to join a district. Visit the affiliate website or contact an affiliate leader to learn more about the districts in your state and how to join.

I'm an affiliate leader, are there resources available to help me in my role?

Yes! Resources for affiliate leaders are available here. Additional questions can be directed to the Affiliate Relations Team at

How can I get more involved with my state affiliate association?

You can become more involved with your affiliate by taking advantage of member benefits, participating in member-to-member discussions on message boards and social media, become an author for an affiliate publication, volunteer for an affiliate or district position, or get involved locally promoting the affiliate and profession. For more information, contact your state affiliate about opportunities.

How can I volunteer to be an affiliate leader?

Volunteers range from short-term, project based responsibilities, to multi-year termed officers. If you have an interest in developing your leadership skills, making new connections, or contributing to your affiliate, let the affiliate know about your interest. Contact your affiliate leadership team to learn more.

How do I vote in my affiliate's leader election?

Affiliate associations determine how and when their annual election is conducted. Members are encouraged to learn about candidates and participate in the election. To learn more about when affiliate's election contact your affiliate leadership team or visit the affiliate website.

I'd like to attend my affiliate's annual meeting? How do I sign-up?

Many affiliate organizations offer annual, in-person meetings. Affiliates determine the date and location for these events. To learn more about the meetings and events in your affiliate, contact your affiliate leadership team or visit the affiliate website.

If you have additional questions, contact the Affiliate Relations Team at