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Public Policy Priorities

We work with policy leaders at every level of government to promote health and reduce the burden of chronic disease through nutrition services and interventions.

Priority Areas

dietitian visitng with hospital patient eating a healthy meal

Well-Being and Prevention

Nutrition plays a critical role in the prevention of these chronic diseases, and RDNs are uniquely qualified to prevent, treat and manage chronic disease.
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Diversity and Inclusion

Health disparities exist when the differences in health outcomes are impacted by racial, ethnic, geographic or socioeconomic status.
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Nutrition Security and Food Safety

Many of the populations we serve are at risk for food insecurity, foodborne and waterborne illnesses.
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Nutrition Care and Health Systems

Nutrition services are an essential component of comprehensive high-quality health care throughout the lifecycle and must be patient-centered.
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All Legislation

Learn about federal legislation that the Academy considers pertinent to its goal of promoting health while reducing the burden of chronic disease through nutrition services and interventions.
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