All Legislation

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Act

    The MNT Act of 2020 would provide Medicare coverage for medical nutrition therapy by registered dietitian nutritionists.

  • Child Nutrition Reauthorization

    Child Nutrition Reauthorization provides an opportunity to elevate nutrition in the Child Nutrition and WIC programs. The Academy calls for the next Child Nutrition Reauthorization to address five key areas.

  • CMS Rules on Therapeutic Diet Orders

    The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services recently announced a proposed rule change that, among other things, would allow privileged registered dietitian nutritionists to independently order patient diets without requiring the supervision or approval of a physician or other practitioner; and order lab tests to monitor the effectiveness of dietary plans and orders.

  • Farm Bill

    The Farm Bill is a critical piece of legislation that determines not only what farmers grow, but what is available in the United States food supply. Farm policies have existed in the U.S. since the establishment of our country.

  • Food Safety Modernization Act

    The 2011-enacted Food Safety Modernization Act is an extensive expansion of federal food regulatory authority that mandates a risk-based food safety system approach and focuses on comprehensive science-based preventive measures across the total food safety system.

  • Gestational Diabetes Act

    The National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission will focus on improving diabetes care delivery, patient outcomes, and cost effectiveness of care.

  • Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act

    Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act would allow participation in the National Diabetes Prevention Program to be a covered benefit under Medicare.