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Application Process for Students

This page covers the dietetics application process to supervised practice programs such as Coordinated Programs (CP), Graduate Programs (GPs-also referred to as Future Education Model), and Dietetic Internships (DI). For application information to dietetic technician programs (DT) and didactic programs in dietetics (DPD), visit the program's website for more information and requirements.

This process was updated to ensure an equitable process among all supervised practice programs and sets forth the guidelines under which nutrition and dietetics supervised practice programs and their institutions agree to conduct their annual admission process. This process will begin its pilot year for the 2024-2025 cycle.

Note this page will be updated as additional handouts and resources are available.

Application Overview

Application and admission processes vary depending on the program type.

Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Services

The Dietetics Inclusive Centralized Application Services (DICAS) is a web-based application service that simplifies the dietetics application process by allowing applicants to apply to multiple programs with one application. Visit the DICAS Platform to search for and apply dietetics programs (DI, CP, GP and ISPPs) of interest.

For the 2024-2025 cycle, some CP and GP may not be using DICAS. If the program you are interested in does not appear in DICAS, check the program's website for directions on how to apply or contact the program director.

Videos and Resources

Contact Information

  • If you need assistance with the centralized application, please contact DICAS customer support at 617/612-2855.
  • If you have any general questions about applying to dietetics programs, contact ACEND.

Find-a-Preceptor Database

The Find-a-Preceptor Database allows program directors and students to search for a preceptor within a certain geographical or specialty area.

Find an ACEND-Accredited Program

ACEND has more than 600 accredited programs across the United States and select countries internationally, with in-person and online options. Use the search filters to find the program that fits your needs.