FAQs About Accreditation

  • FAQs About Accreditation of Dietetics Education Programs

    Dietetics education programs voluntarily apply to ACEND® of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for accreditation by submitting applications demonstrating compliance with the Accreditation Standards. ACEND® compiled answers to questions frequently.

  • FAQs About Assessing Prior Learning and Accreditation Standards

    Assessing prior learning is not as simple as looking at a student's work history and assigning college level credit. The challenge lies in taking that work experience, and the learning acquired in a variety of settings, and matching it to the skills and competencies required of qualified RDNs and NDTRs serving the public.

  • FAQs About Types of ACEND® Accredited Programs

    The ACEND® staff at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois responds to inquiries and provides assistance to organizations before, during and after the evaluation process.