Scope of Practice

Scope of practice in nutrition and dietetics encompasses the range of roles, activities and regulations within which nutrition and dietetics practitioners perform. For credentialed practitioners, scope of practice is typically established within the practice act and interpreted and controlled by the agency or board that regulates the practice of the profession in a given state. In today's dynamic, diverse health care environment, demand is increasing for quality food and nutrition services that are delivered in varied settings by RDNs and NDTRs.

Focus Area Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance

The focus area SOP and SOPP define competent, proficient and expert levels of practice for credentialed dietetics practitioners to use in professional development.

Academy Scope of Practice Learning Module

The learning module, divided into two parts is an informative webinar that provides an opportunity to earn a continuing professional education credit. The module consists of an overview of the Scope of Practice, an outline of what’s new in the revised 2017 documents and practical applications utilizing case studies. After watching each part of the learning module, submit the Critical Thinking Skills form and take a short quiz to earn 1.0 CPEU.

Also available is a learning module dedicated to the Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance.