Not all professional development revolves around continuing professional education credits. Presentations are a terrific resource to learn how to apply the latest standards to your practice in everyday life.

Academy members have access to presentations for selected Journal articles. The downloadable slides, in PowerPoint format, are author-approved and summarize the article's key points. View the archives of this educational resource that spans articles from 2006 through the latest issue.

  • Nutrition Impact on Diabetes Prevention

    This is a segment from the The 9th World Congress on the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes presented by Academy leaders titled "Nutrition and Diabetes Prevention."

  • Practice Management Presentations

    In these collected presentations, RDNs will learn how payer mix impacts their revenue flow; how to complete a superbill for self-pay clients or clients who submit claims for reimbursement; and learn how to navigate the process of insurance credentialing.

  • MyPlate Resources

    Help your clients and patients from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds to understand and use the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate icon.