Leadership Institute Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone apply or is there a nomination process?

There are two avenues for participation – nomination (~80 slots) and application (~70 slots):

  • Each state affiliate, Dietetic Practice Group and Member Interest Group is invited to nominate and send members who have demonstrated leadership potential and interest in long-term success of the Academy. Nominees representing affiliates and member groups must meet the same qualifying criteria as those who apply and are required to submit a letter of recommendation from her/his respective Chair, President or President-Elect. While each Academy group and affiliate is encouraged to nominate at least one of their members, nominees are not guaranteed acceptance until approved by the Academy.
  • The remaining participants will be selected based on an open application process for members who are passionate about advancing the profession and looking to become leaders.

2. Who should apply to the Leadership Institute?

The Institute is designed to provide leadership training and skill development across experience levels and practice areas and is intended for RDNs who are passionate, engaged and well-positioned to take on leadership roles. It is designed to support both established professionals and current leaders interested in sharpening their skills as well as early- to mid-career members interested in pursuing leadership roles in the future.

3. How will applicants be evaluated and selected?

Applicants will be required to submit their resume/CV and complete an online application form. Applicants will be evaluated using a standardized scorecard and selected based on:

  • Professional and scholastic excellence
  • Impactful contributions to the field of nutrition
  • Leadership aptitude
  • Professional visibility
  • Effective communication skills
  • Passion for advancing the profession

4. Is there a minimum level of experience required?

No – the Institute is intended for members of any experience level who are seeking to advance their leadership skills. We’re hoping to cultivate current and future generations of leaders who reflect the vast range of experiences, skills, and areas of expertise that characterize our organization.

5. Can students apply?

The Institute will reserve up to 10 seats for graduate students with demonstrated leadership potential who are passionate about advancing the profession.

6. Do current leaders from state affiliates, practice groups and interest groups also need to apply?

No – each state affiliate, DPG and MIG can nominate one current leader from their respective organization. To help groups identify appropriate nominees, a checklist will be provided that reflects the qualifications used to score and select applicants. States and practice/interest groups are encouraged, but not required, to send a nominee. Qualified candidates that are not selected as the representative from their affiliate or state are encouraged to apply through the open application process.

  • Are there any expectations for DPG, MIG or Affiliate participants that they “report” any outcomes or summary of their participation?  Do they “owe” anything to the DPG/MIG who funded their participation? That is up to the DPG, MIG or Affiliate if they would like the participate to share any information from their experience with the group members. The Academy will share the outcomes of the cohort projects which may be shared.
  • Is it mandatory that a DPG, MIG or Affiliate participate and fund somebody to attend? No

7. When will the application and nomination process begin?

The application and nomination process will open in December 2021 and close mid-February 2022. Participants will be selected and notified in March 2022.

8. How will the Academy ensure inclusion in the Institute is fair and balanced?

Applications will be assessed by a 5-person review committee and evaluated using a standardized scorecard against clearly defined criteria. If any potential conflict of interest between an applicant and reviewer should arise, an alternate committee member will step in to review. The review committee will be made up of one representative from each of the following Academy groups:

  • Committee for Lifelong Learning
  • Council on Future Practice
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Academy Board of Directors

9. Do participants have the opportunity to earn CPE?

  • Specific information about CPE will be included in the materials for the application/leadership. That information is still being developed, but yes, there will be CPEUs over the 12 month cycle.

Any Academy member can apply to the Institute regardless of experience level, career path, or practice area, and applicants will be selected based on a transparent process. Consideration will be given to ensure diverse perspectives are in attendance to ensure the Academy is investing in the leaders of today and tomorrow.