Registered dietitian nutritionists and nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered play integral roles in food systems, foodservice and management in a wide variety of practice settings such as hospitals, post-acute care facilities, schools, universities, restaurants, correctional facilities, nongovernmental organizations and corporate cafeterias. Often RDNs and NDTRs who work in the area of food service must juggle management roles with food planning, safety and recipe analysis, which requires a broad skillset. Maintaining continuing education in these areas and keeping current with standards is imperative to the success of RDNs and NDTRs in these roles.

Foodservice Resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Academy develops position papers, practice papers and standards of professional performance relating to foodservice, school nutrition, management of food and nutrition systems and food safety. Online learning modules also are available from the Academy on topics such as food allergies, supermarket business and restaurant menu labeling.

Foodservice Resources from Other Organizations

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The FDA's website houses Food Code, which assists regulators in developing and updating food safety policies. Also available are HACCP principles and application guidelines as well as information on food labeling and nutrition, including the new Nutrition Facts label.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
Myriad foodservice-related resources are available on the USDA's website, including:

Centers for Disease Control and Preventions
The CDC offers food safety resources and healthy food service guidelines on its website.
Information on food recalls, food poisoning, food safety and "ask the experts" and "report a problem" are available on the website. The FoodKeeper app provides cooking tips and safe storage information for a variety of food categories.

School Nutrition Association
SNA is a nonprofit professional membership organization that offers resources on its website such as publications including School Nutrition Magazine and Journal of Child Nutrition and Management and webinars. School nutrition standards and school meal stats are also available.

Institute of Food Technologists
IFT offers hospital foodservice initiatives and resources on its website with sodium reduction publications and resources, and content on medical and functional foods. IFT publishes Food Technology magazine and posts feature articles to its website for free viewing.

Harvard School of Public Health
The HSPH’s website has a section on healthy food service resources, directed specifically at schools and work sites. These include a cafeteria audit checklist and handouts, how to design healthy menus for conferences and how to cut back on salt while preserving flavor.

Pioneer Network
The Pioneer Network website houses dining practice standards for individuals living in nursing homes and a training series called “promising practices in dining.”

Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals
ANFP, the professional membership organization behind the certified dietary manager credential, provides information on the CDM’s scope and standards of practice on its website along with continuing education opportunities, some of which are eligible for CDR continuing professional education units.

The International Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates
ACFSA provides a certification program for the Certified Correctional Foodservice Professional designation and its website provides webinars and federal regulations, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Food Service Manual.

Food Management
This website offers news, ideas and recipes to foodservice managers and chefs in a variety of settings. It includes articles and blog posts on foodservice trends, strategies and systems.

FoodService Director
The companion website of FoodService Director magazine, serves as a news hub for noncommercial foodservice industry trends and menu ideas. The website features "Recipe Snapshot," a slideshow of recipes from the magazine.

National Restaurant Association
The NRA's website features news, research and webinars in addition to healthy dining resources, sustainability and career development information. ServSafe, which offers food safety training programs, is accessible via the NRA's website.