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Navigating Future Practice: Interprofessional Collaboration

Future practice will operate in a value-based care model that prioritizes patient outcomes and overall well-being over traditional fee-for-service approaches. RDNs and NDTRs are perfectly positioned to thrive in this paradigm through interprofessional collaboration.

Increased interprofessional education will foster greater understanding among referring providers of the RDN's scope and standards of practice. As this understanding grows, so will patient referrals to RDNs for medical nutrition therapy. This expanded utilization of RDN services, combined with outcomes data demonstrating the positive impact of nutrition services on patient outcomes and well being, presents a prime opportunity to advocate for broader insurance reimbursement. Embrace interprofessional collaboration and elevate the role of the RDN within value-based care as a key team member to support patient outcomes and well-being.

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