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Professional Civility Reading List

The following articles have been published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to educate Academy members on the importance of professional civility as well as best practices for social media and online conduct.

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hands holding up smartphone with social media apps

The Job You Didn't Know You Lost

Whether you are a student, newly minted RDN or NDTR or a seasoned pro, social media and online comments can have unintended consequences on your career. Check your digital footprint to avoid losing a future job or other opportunity (without even knowing it).

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woman expressing horror and regret while sitting in front of laptop

Recovering from a Social Media Faux Pas

There is little benefit in deliberately provoking or dividing your community. Engaging in offensive or polarizing social media behavior can lead to significant losses, such as professional reputation and potential opportunities down the line. Nevertheless, we all make mistakes, and breaching the boundaries of online etiquette doesn't have to be an irreversible act.

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woman shocked and annoyed looking at her computer

Managing Trolls on Online Forums

In folklore, trolls live under bridges and taunt passersby. Today, trolls are no less vile. Like everything else, however, they’ve gone digital, lurking online. Their goal isn’t engaging online communities; it’s enraging them. Here are some tips to manage trolls on online forums.

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