Ethics Education Resources

Responding to a recommendation from the Academy Board of Directors, on May 9, 2011, the Commission on Dietetic Registration voted to require that RDNs and NDTRs complete a minimum of 1 CPEU of Continuing Professional Education in Ethics (Learning Need Code 1050) during each 5-year re-certification cycle in order to re-certify. This requirement will be effective starting with the 5-year re-certification cycle which ends on May 31, 2017, and will be phased in over a 5-year period for each re-certification cycle. All activities to meet the required 1.0 CPEU in ethics must meet Professional Development Portfolio guidelines. To learn more, visit the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Additional Resources

International Code of Ethics

From CDR

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) has over 50 external ethics-related CPE activities that can be found on the CPE Online Database. To access:

  1. Go to
  2. In Title or Description, type "ethics"
  3. Select Learning Needs Code: 1050.

Additionally, use this list of CDR Accredited Providers.

The ethics resources may be downloaded and used by all nutrition and dietetics practitioners for their personal use only and are not available for resale or any commercial use.